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How does it work?

Purchase a new home with one of our preferred builders and we will list and sell your current home for only $500 + 3% at closing. You will also get full representation with an expert negotiator throughout the process.

purchase a new home

List current home

save $6,000-$16,000

Do You Currently Lease Instead Of Own?

We’ve got you covered with our Lease Satisfaction Guarantee. Send us a copy of your current lease and we will work to find a solution.

Find your path forward.

Instant Cash Offer

Prefer to skip the hassle of listing your home on the market? Instant Cash Offers allow you to skip showings and select your own closing date. 

Real Cash Offers

Within 48 hours of providing photos and video of your home, we will present an instant offer for you to consider. 

See All Options

Moving made simple. Every seller has a unique circumstance. Choose the option that’s best for you.

Professional Representation

Whether you accept an offer or choose to list your home with us on the market, you’re professionally represented. We’re here to help you with all of your needs from valuation, preparing your home for the market, negotiation, a network of qualified vendors for any repairs, high-level transaction coordination, and more!

Full Market Valuation

We’ll provide you with a Market Offer listing valuation to show you how much your home would likely sell for in the current market.

5-Star Client Experience

Our goal is to create the smoothest process possible and to deliver the highest level of service, no matter what method you choose in selling your home. See our client testimonials unfiltered at

Free. No Obligation.

You can take an instant offer, seek a market offer, or choose not to sell. You only pay for the services you choose with no obligation.

The Details


$500 Flat Fee to enter the program
If you accept an Instant Offer, no other fees are due to us.

+ 3% at closing, if you choose to list on the open market. The 3% includes offering the buyer’s broker 2.5% to entice showings and offers. The remaining 0.5% is paid to us to represent you through to closing.

Show Me the Math

Traditional Model
$300,000 Sales Price
x 6% Traditional Broker Fees
= $18,000 Selling Costs

Roost Forward
$300,000 Sales Price
x 3% Traditional Broker Fees
+ $500 Flat Fee
= $9,500 Selling Costs

$9,500 vs $18,000
You save $8,500!

Chat With An Expert.

Want to know more before you begin the process? Click to call and chat.

Move forward with options


Instant Offer

Cash offer to skip the listing process.


Market Sale

Save thousands vs traditional listing fees.


Your Choice

Choose the right option for you.

Does my property qualify for offers?

Instant Offers vary widely. Because every home is different, so is every offer. All offers are made at the sole discretion of the individual iBuyer. We stay updated on the ‘buy box’ for the top iBuyers in your market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an iBuyer?

An iBuyer is a company that will make you an offer on your home within hours (or days), sight unseen, based on a proprietary valuation model. If you choose to accept the price, you can close in as little as a few days/weeks. When selling to an iBuyer, the other side of the transaction is a company or an investor.

What type of homes do they purchase?

Each iBuyer has a different ‘buy box’, but here is a typical representation:

  • Single family homes & townhomes
  • Homes in non-gated communities
  • Homes not in age-restricted communities
  • Site-built homes (no pre-fab or mobile)
  • Homes with clear title
  • Homes built after 1970
  • Homes where valuation is between $100K and $500K
  • Homes on maximum of one acre of land
  • Homes not in a flood zone
  • Homes that are owner-occupied, not leased
  • Homes that are not distressed or real estate owned
  • Homes without foundation issues or unpermitted additions
  • Homes without polybutylene plumbing

In the event your home does not apply to these criteria, we can still provide you with options!

What is a 'home assessment'?

Instant Offer companies may call it an assessment, but it is an in-depth home inspection — and they all have them.

After the assessment/inspection, the iBuyer deducts the amount of improvements they determine, at their sole discretion without negotiation, necessary to resell the home. Your net cash is reduced by the deduction amount.

Who is Path & Post?

Path & Post is an independent real estate brokerage. Locally owned and operated by residents of the Metro Atlanta community. All decisions are made locally without institutional investors or corporate shareholders driving behavior.

What about buying a home?

Instant Offers are designed for sellers. Homes that are purchased by national or local iBuyers via Instant Offer are refurbished and placed on the open market. Buyers have the same access to shop for these homes as they would any other listing in the local MLS.

Path & Post represents hundreds of buyers each year with a perennial 5-Star rated service level.